Book of Shadows

Shaman Prayer of Diversity and Unity:

These spirits we guide and so forth be guided,
The power of all and the power of one,
Through energy and fatigue we are balanced,
Through Love and hate we are clarity.

These spirits we guide and so forth be guided,
The power of all and the power of one,
We here in our united coven,
We here in this distinct universe,
Are all of one, and one of all..

We guide to be guided, 
We give to get given,
We love to get loved,
We are what we shall be,
We are all but one.

These spirits we guide and so forth be guided,
The power of all and the power of one,
No amount of destruction can break our unity,
No amount construction can break our individuality.

Releasing negative energy

releasing negative emotion/feelings/thoughts and premises.

All you NEED is lavender (powder, leaves, plant.) and fabric cleaner/disinfectant type spray

Basic cast:
Spray a disinfectant or fabric cleaner on the carpet you spend most of your time on (Ignore the dirt or crap for now.). Sprinkle lavender on the carpet and leave to have it trodden in for about half a busy day or a full day if you are out. Hoover the whole lot up together including the rest of the house. If you have an important date coming up, sprinkle lavender on your ‘clean’ bedroom carpet, sleep through the night and clean it up after the event.

No words need be said, How ever if you choose to say your spell, you may.

Despite the fear people inherit of the number 13, It is actually a very powerful healthy number to use. The fear has derived from failed or negative spell casting but used in the right conditions and intentions, it can be a brilliant reading material and opens up connections around the world.

With this said, I am doing personal readings of anything you wish for an answer and use this to be able to connect to you properly and release luck into the connection itself. 

Tuesday 13 May - Multiple readings. Send me an ask of the topic you desire and your answer will come shortly. (Anon welcome)

Anonymous said: Is it technically frowned upon to help people via witchcraft without their consent? I had a patient the other day that was in incredible pain, so I eased it a little without her knowing... Should I not? Is that bad on moral standings?


I think it is in Wicca. I’ve done spells without people’s consent twice before. 

  1. The first time was when my boyfriend was having back surgery and I decided last minute to do a healing spell for him while his surgery was going on. But he’s Pagan too and knows I practice witchcraft and believes in it and everything, so I think it was ok I did it for him. His surgeon even said the surgery went surprisingly well and my boyfriend is lucky XD
  2. The second time was a success spell for my dad for legal matters. He knows I practice witchcraft, but he doesn’t believe in it. I didn’t know if the spell would work since he doesn’t believe, but I did it anyway. I didn’t tell him about it and idk if it worked or if it was just coincidence, but he achieved what he needed to the day after I did the spell. 

I think it really depends on your own beliefs, and if you feel the spell you’re doing is absolutely necessary. I for one, would love to heal my patient’s pain (If I was a dr lol) but I probably wouldn’t do it that way because idk the patient personally. I might, however, do a luck/success spell for me to be able to heal my patients quickly, easily, and as best as possible. That way, I’m not doing the spell on the person and risking it being rejected by the patient’s body, or backfiring in some way. The spell is done on me, so I will have luck by my side, and the power to heal my patients with whatever I need to do with them (give them meds, surgery, etc). Hope this answers your question! <3 Good luck to you and your patients and blessed be! :)

pale-fagg0t said: can you reply privately please?:) i just found your blog and i'm just wondering do you cast spells for people?

yes, I do spell casting for others and to others and teach them if I can. I will send you a link to my fb and you can PM there as is easier -

Hope to hear from you soon. How may I help?

an apple
a votive candle/ tea light candle/insence (earthy/fruity)/Picture of night sky, preferably blue moon

Part one- the ritual- to help prepare for a crossing

Casting the circle- starting in the North

"Element of Earth in the North I call to my circle. Ground me and help me to be strong in this difficult time. Hail and welcome Earth."

Facing East

" Element of Air in the East I call to my circle. Give me clarity and and an open mind to see what I need to do in this difficult time. Hail and welcome Wind."

Facing South

"Element of Fire in the South I call to my circle. Burn away my doubts and warm my memories of happy times while I face this difficult time. Hail and welcome Fire."

Facing West

"Element of Water in the West I call to my circle. Help my tears to wash away my sadness and let my emotions be guided by what is best for my pet in this difficult time. Hail and welcome Water."

Face North again to complete the circle. “The circle is cast so mote it be”

Standing in the center of the circle envoke the goddess
"Lady Badb in your crone state you help many to cross over. Please join me in my circle tonight to help me know what is best for my pet. Guide me in this time and help me to remember that in all things there is life, death and rebirth. Hail and welcome Lady Babd."

Light a tea candle in front of you and focus/meditate upon the light. (You can use inscense or even a picture of the night sky… do not burn the picture) . Let the goddess tell you what you need to know about helping your pet to cross over. Give an offering of an apple or apple juice after you mediate.
Thank the goddess.
"Lady Badb, thank you for your insight and guidance tonight. Crossing over is as much a part of life as any other aspect. Hail and fair well."

Open the circle

Facing West
"Element of Water in the West. Thank you for your blessings. Hail and fair well."

Facing South
"Element of Fire in the South. Thank you for your blessings. Hail and fair well."

Facing East
"Element of Air in the East. Thank you for your blessings. Hail and fair well."

Facing North
"Element of Earth in the North. Thank you for your blessings. Hail and fair well."
With arms raised over head- “The circle is open but not unbroken.”

Storms within 
and storms without 
storms above 
and storms below, 
in his centre 
only stillness 
Its my will, 
and it is so.

Sit on the floor of a large room and breathe deeply until you feel an aura around you. Focus on the family members pain and imagine green rays of light travelling from your heart to the air with orange lights travelling around the member.

It helps to have a fruity/earthy smelling candle (preferably lavender, vinilla, or rose) Some times casting a circle using quarts but this is optional, although can increase distance.

Then envisage the pain in a ball of blackness being drawn from the source of pain and engulfed by the green rays. Once you have done this, return to your breathing and relax your mind and body completely before opening your eyes.

NOTE: You must be in a positive state of mind and believe that this works. This is more of a body control exercise than a spell and requires more belief and focus to work fully